About Us

LL&G is a leading provider of offshore construction services to the domestic and international oil and gas industries operating at water depths up to 500 feet in the Gulf of Mexico and select global markets. LL&G's offshore construction services include the installation, maintenance, repair and decommissioning of underwater pipelines and various offshore oil and gas production facilities.

An independently owned and operated company, LL&G is headquartered in Houma, Louisiana. LL&G employs over 100 highly skilled offshore and onshore personnel throughout its locations in Texas and Louisiana.

LL&G's 30 acre facility in Houma, Louisiana serves as the company's headquarters as well as the base of operations for all of the U.S Gulf of Mexico and International projects. The company's executive management and other key department’s such as LL&G's project management team, operations, human resource and marketing personnel also operate out of the Houma facility.

LL&G also operates a satellite sales office in Houston, Texas to handle all local sales and estimating requests and to service our local client base.

LL&G Construction, Inc.
110 Industrial Blvd
Houma, Louisiana, 70363
Operations: 985.851.1141 | Sales: 281.904.7367